Sunday, July 5, 2015

Second Quarter Finish Along: Report

I finished 5 projects in Quarter 2. Yay! I was hoping to match Q1's 6 finishes, but I am pretty pleased with 5.  Especially since I know that I have several unfinished things that are farther along than they were, so that should (I hope, I hope) mean a larger number of finishes in Q3.

Here's a recap of what I finished.  I also included projects that I didn't finish, but that I worked on, with the chart changed to reflect my progress.

Project Name/Description
Project Type
Project Status at start of quarter
Completion Date
Project bags, round 2
2 left to finish
April 19
Blaise's baby quilt
Child size
Top completed
April 30
*Geoff & Laura's wedding quilt
Bed sized
May 23
*Last big 9-patch
Child size
Top completed
June 20
Katie's baby quilt
Child size
Fabric & pattern chosen
June 30
Paper Piecing project
Bucket list/mini quilt
3 blocks completed

*“Sarah” (to be renamed)
Wall hanging
Took the layers apart, reimagined, layered again

*Elephant ticker tape quilt
Bucket list/wall hanging
Embroidery outline completed, layered, ready for ticker taping

*Alaska cutout quilt
Wall hanging
Did some more quilting (this one is being hand quilted and will take forever.)

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