Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quarter 3 goals

So far this year, I have finished 11 projects.  I'm really enjoying the Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne, because in addition to being fun, I think it has given me a lot of extra motivation to actually finish things.

I stated last quarter that my list is more for the year (and probably beyond) than simply this quarter, and that is still the case.  The benefit being that I can choose what to work on based on what I'm in the mood for, and that works for me.  I also want to concentrate on finishing things and tying hard not to add projects, so in that vein there is only new project--a sewing machine cover, for the new machine that I got in late March.

Project Name/Description Project Type Project Status at start of quarter
*Verona's I Spy Twin bed size Some cutting done
*Emily's I Spy Lap size Some cutting done
*Pepper Tote Bag In process
*Paper Piecing project Bucket list/mini quilt 3 blocks completed
*Winnie the Pooh quilt (project Linus) Child size Tops pieced
*Magician/Star quilt (project Linus) Child size Fabrics and pattern chosen
*Food picnic quilt Huge 40 or 50 blocks completed
*Laura's quilt Double/queen Piecing the top stage
*Savannah Lap size? Bigger? Piecing the top stage
**“Sarah” (to be renamed) Wall hanging Layered; reimagined; relayered
**Alaska cutout quilt Wall hanging Layered, quilting begun (hand quilting)
**White/pastel dogwood quilt Lap size Top completed
**Rainbow I Spy Child size Top completed
**Debbie quilt Bed size Top completed, repair needed before continuing
**Elephant ticker tape quilt Bucket list/wall hanging Embroidery outline completed; layered; ready for ticker-taping
**Dinosaur quilt (project Linus) Child size Fabrics chosen
*2 ½ inch strip I Spy quit Child size Fabrics chosen; most cutting done
*Puffin Kit (wall hanging) Kit
Sewing machine cover 3-demnsional project Pattern chosen; fabrics chosen

While I do want to be free to decide in the moment what to work on, here are some of my top priority projects:

 "Sarah," which may or may not get renamed.  It got this far many, many years ago. I've since taken the layers apart, gotten rid of all the borders, and put a new border on.  This one is getting a bit of a makeover!

Project Linus quilts.  There are fabrics for three here: Winnie-the-Pooh, dinosaurs, and wizards & stars.

Paper Pieced Trees. I've made 2 more trees, and now need a 4th to make my wall hanging.  This is my first paper piecing project.

Ticker Tape Elephant.  I've got the outline stitched and she's layered, so all I have to do is use my scraps to create the elephant.  And, you know, stitch everything down!

Here's to a productive quarter 3!

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