Saturday, April 30, 2016

April: Tic Tac Toe for Shauna

April is Shauna's turn to be Queen Bee in my hive of the Stash Bee.  Shauna is queen in two hives this month, so she put us all to work making the same block so she can make a quilt for her nephew.  He picked the Tic Tac Toe block in purple, gray, & black.

I love these colors together!  Of course purple is my favorite, so I had a lot to choose from.  Shauna asked for not too feminine, so I picked a kind of blocky geometric print that I really like for my block.
It was a fun & simple block and I might use this one myself some day!  I was really short on gray, so I couldn't make a second block, but I did cut some spare black and purple and sent it along with my completed block. 


  1. I just made this block for our Guilds Queen Bee for May. It was quick and simple.

  2. I was just reading this today after talking with you last night and then I noticed that several of my IG friends are also doing that block. It is a good one!