Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Dinosaurs

My son and my niece are both 4.  This means they are both at an age where dinosaurs are particularly interesting.  My public library has a great book called Playful Hoodies by Mary Rasch that has 20+ costumes you make with a hooded sweatshirt.  Dinosaurs are one of the patterns and I decided to make both kids dinosaur sweatshirts for Christmas.
The dinosaur scales are made out of fleece.  Since I back most of my Project Linus quilts with fleece I have lots of fleece scraps, making this a scrap project for me.

My son's sweatshirt has 2 different shades of green in an alternating pattern.  He loved it and put it on as soon as he opened it.

My niece is crazy about rainbows, so her sweatshirt is a rainbow dinosaur.  I was lucky enough to have fleece scraps of all the rainbow colors (though the purple is a very pale purple) and put the scales down her back in rainbow order.

 Happy Dinosaur!

The dinosaur sweatshirt was project number #19 on my list of Q4 goals for the globally hosted finish along.  (Only Munchkin's sweatshirt was listed in the goal.)


Since this is technically a scrap project, I will be linking up with Oh Scrap! hosted by Cynthia of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.
Quilting is more fun than Housework


  1. Those sweat shirts are adorable! I bet they have hours of fun pretending. It's so nice to see kids using something simple that can really spark their imagination.

  2. That is just too stinkin' cute, wonderful smiles on those little faces!!

  3. Oh such fun! What a cool idea. I really like the rainbow dinosaur scales.

  4. This are just so much fun! On behalf of the 2017 FAL hosts, thank you for participating in this quarter's Finish Along.