Friday, December 8, 2017

Rainbow Revisited

My niece, who turns 4 today, is crazy about rainbows.  My sister-in-law tells me that she carries the rainbow doll quilt that I made her everywhere she goes.  Earlier this year, I made a rainbow quilt for myself with a Kona jelly roll.  I decided a few weeks ago that Noodle would get even more joy out of it than I do so I sent it to her for her birthday, along with some rainbow knee socks and a few other goodies.

Totally the right decision!  Look at that smile!  And my sister-in-law managed what I could not: a decent picture of the quilt.  Rainbows are the best.  Happy Birthday, Noodle!


  1. What a fun photo! It's always a great feeling when a quilt finds that perfect home.

  2. Your gift makes my heart sing, as does your beautiful quilt.