Friday, January 5, 2018

A Pair of 2017 Finishes

I have a few 2017 finishes that didn't get blogged last year.  Two of them are I Spy scrap quilts.  I cut my I Spy scraps into specific sizes and use them up in scrap quilts.  These are frequently my leader and ender projects.  My pile of 3 1/2" squares was getting quite large so it was time to use them up.

The first uses Kona Lagoon as the alternating fabric.  The scraps were just pulled out of the pile randomly, though I intentionally did not use pink or purple in this quilt.  Frankly, I think "boy colors" and "girl colors" are crazy and I could rant about it, but this is going to Project Linus and I've been told by our coordinator that some places won't give boys quilts with any "girly" colors in them and we tend to be short boy-appropriate quilts.  So I don't rant and I try to make quilts that kids will like, and a kid can't like a quilt they aren't given.

I generally hand-sew my binding but not when a quilt is backed with minky.  I used the wave stitch on the binding and I really like how it came out.

The second quilt has Kona Morning Glory as the alternating fabric.  This quilt did get pink and purple I Spy scraps, as well as anything else that was in the pile.  The Morning Glory was left over from a quilt for my cousin's daughter and I just had enough for the squares, so the binding is a fun dot print that I had in my stash.


You'd think this would mean I'm out of 3 1/2" scraps, but you would be wrong!  I have another top using 3 1/2" squares already completed and could easily make at least one more.   I swear that scraps grow on their own overnight!

These were projects #16 & #17 on my list of Q4 goals for the globally hosted finish along


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  1. Those are great finishes! And you are so right that a child can only like a quilt they are given!!