Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January recap

I added some monthly tracking to my quilting routine this year.  Inspired by Kate at Life in Pieces, the first is to track how many days I spend at least 15 minutes sewing.  I have no illusions at achieving 100% (that shop already sailed!) but am more curious about how many days in a year I really do get time to sew.  In January, I got sewing time 24 out of 31 days, or 77% of the month.

I'm also tracking yardage used.  I've seen several bloggers do this and I've been curious, but was never sure how to actually calculate it.  I asked Kate how she does it, and I'm using the method & math she was kind enough to explain to me in detail, with a few adjustments to make it fit how I sew.  The biggest difference is that I'm only tracking when I complete a project.  If it's a bee block or something that creating the unit is all I'm going to do, I'll add that to my monthly total, but if I'm the one finishing it, I won't track yardage until the project is done.  I am more interested in overall numbers than a month by month comparison.  This one is sheer curiosity for me.

In January, I used 9.3yards.  I'm also going to see if I can track yardage bought. I decided not to count anything given to me as a gift, including anything purchased with purchased with gift certificates.  I did not make any purchases in January.

I'm working on my PhD (Projects Half Done) with Quilting Gail.  Her challenge is to finish at least half of your unfinished projects AND finish anything started in 2018.  I have a list of 25 unfinished projects (I found another one since I posted my original list) and must finish at least 13 to earn my PhD. I completed 3 projects in January: I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along, a growth chart for friends, and a Project Linus donation quilt.

I'm ready for February!


  1. You've been very productive in January. It is hard to find time to sew every day, especially with little ones at home. It does get easier once they get old enough to drive. That will happen sooner than your think. Congrats on all the finishes this month.

  2. Well done! That Christmas quilt is adorable.

  3. I started stash reporting back in 2010 for the same reason - just to see what I did - but found it really helped me think twice when I was at the quilt shop! Great progress on finishing projects!