Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I Spy Quilt for Mom--Last Finish of 2018

I have one finish from 2018 that I haven't shared yet.  I finished it on New Year's Eve (getting it in at the last minute!) but didn't gift it until January 6th.

While I was pregnant, I made a twin bed-sized I Spy quilt for my future child.  (That quilt predates the blog, but a photo makes an appearance here.)  I later made a similar quilt, also a twin size, for my niece.  My mom told me that what she really wants is an I Spy quilt.  So I made her one!  See, I Spy quilts are not just for kids!

Like the other two, this is a twin size and has 192 I Spy squares.  I avoided duplicates based on my own thinking.  What I mean by that is, for example, a pirate ship and a sail boat are not the same thing.  I know that this has sunflowers, lily of the valley, and dogwood blossoms.  Those are all flowers, but they aren't the same.  They also all happen to have meaning.

I tried to pick as many squares as I could that have special meaning.  A few are children's book characters.  There are items that are associated with family vacations, favorite foods, favorite animals, school mascots, in jokes, etc.  Of the mental list of things I wanted to include, the only things I didn't find are Coke (her favorite beverage for most of my life) and a tiger (her Chinese astrology sign).  I love this picture because she clearly just saw something and is excited about it.

You can kind of see the back in the picture above.  I realize that I didn't get any pictures of the back.  There are four fabrics.  Three are cowboy/western themed that she bought, didn't use, then gave to me.  I've used them in I Spy quilts and swaps but in two cases, had a lot left.  I used those for the majority of the back and used a book print (we are both librarians) to fill in what was still needed. 

When I asked what color background she wanted, she told me her favorite color is purple, which of course I knew.  I wasn't sure what shade, though.  She said she wanted purple like royalty.  This is Kona Hibiscus.  She seemed pleased with it.

This was #2 on my list of Q4 goals for the globally-hosted Finish Along.  It was also on my list of UFOs to finish to earn my PhD (Projects Half Done) with Quilting Gail.

I'm so excited that I got to gift it in person and that she seems to absolutely love it.  An I Spy for my bed, queen size, is next for me in terms of I Spy projects.  I just love looking at them so much that now *I* want one!

Happy Mom with her new quilt


  1. I love your mom! I think it is so sweet that you made her an I Spy quilt. I have the fabric for one (or more) but haven't yet cut into them.

  2. Emily, this is so fun! How on earth did you have so many novelty fabrics? Do you trade them with people? That is really a fun quilt with lots of special thought going into it. Great gift for your mom!!


  3. This is so sweet! I love that you were able to incorporate specific little details into the I Spy fabrics. The excitement in her face in the one picture, just makes you smile :) So I have to ask, how many squares will it take to make a queen sized quilt?

  4. LOVE this story!!! I feel the same way...that it's time to make my own eye spy!

  5. It's obvious it was exactly what your Mother wanted. Love the photos!

  6. You are all so correct! I absolutely love this quilt. She gave it to me on Jan. 6th, 15 days ago. And I would estimate that the LEAST amount of time I've spent looking at each square, each day since, is 20 minutes.
    Emily's Mom