Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Selfish Sewing

I had a free day to sew recently and though I had several projects to work on, I really wanted to make myself some pillowcases. My husband sleeps with two pillows so I always give him the ones that match the sheets and then I use an odd one.  I've made fun pillowcases for my son and my niece but do not have any for me.

My mom gave me a gift certificate to Bobbi Lou's Fabric Factory for Christmas and I used part of it to pick out fabrics especially for a pillowcase.  I picked out this fabulous celestial polar bear print, it's Polar by Michael Miller Fabrics.  The accent fabric is also from Bobbi Lou's, also chosen especially to become part of a pillowcase.  It's Happy Moons from Stargazer by Art Gallery Fabrics.

I had enough Happy Moons to make a second accent band.  I had another moon fabric in my stash, a Maureen Cracknell fabric from her Nightfall line that I've saving for just the right project.  This felt like it.

And then I had enough of Maureen's moons to use as an accent band and I paired it with another Maureen Cracknell fabric, this one a fairy print from the Flower Child line.

I like the Roll It Up instructions from the Million Pillowcase Challenge.  Dreaming will be sweet now!


  1. Always fun to do some selfish sewing. To get to use the product every night is extra special!

  2. Love these! I love sewing pillowcases and they look so much comfy and homey when you've sewn them yourself!

    1. Thanks, Danette! I've enjoyed having them so much that I'm sorry I didn't make at least one for myself earlier! I do love seeing one on the bed and it is so nice to know I made that just for me! You are showing up as a no-reply blogger so I'm replying here.

  3. As quilters we tend to make things for others, you do a lot of that. Enjoy your new pillowcases, it’s lovely to see you sewing for yourself, thank you for the tutorial link.

  4. I love all of those Moon Fabrics. It made me feel good to know you got them from Bobby Lou's

  5. I’m happy for you Emily, we all deserve to make something for ourselves and pillowcases of your “dream” fabric is perfect. I love Michael Miller fabrics, especially your polar bear choice.