Friday, December 6, 2019

another fabric doppelganger

A few weeks ago, I showed off my fabric doppelgänger, made for Velda during her turn as Queen in my Stash Bee hive.  Well, another hive member was unable to make a block so I volunteered to do an angel block.  Except I have no idea what that hive member looks like since we've never met or seen photos. So I made my best friend, Laura, in fabrics instead.

Laura is wearing a purple shirt (our shared favorite color) and jeans, because she rarely wears dresses.  I've shown her the picture of her fabric self and she loved it.  Her favorite part was the sparkly hair.

With this block, I end four years of participation in Stash Bee.  I've made the slightly sad decision not to participate next year. I've had a ton of fun and made a lot of friends, but I'm feeling a time crunch in my sewing time especially as I continue to balance sewing with my full time job and my family. I also have only actually completed ONE of my Stash Bee quilts despite four years of participation.  These girls who want to have fun have been a great ending note!

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