Monday, December 23, 2019

Sandwich Wraps (Christmas Presents #2)

My brother is a particularly difficult person to give presents to.  He is a minimalist.  My sister-in-law understands the frustration and sometimes gives me ideas of things to make him.  This year, she told me that he could use more sandwich wraps.  Several years ago (I think it was pre-kids for both of us; our kids are the same age) I made a bunch of sandwich wraps and gave them to everyone.  Ours are also starting to wear out, so I went ahead and cut out a bunch at once.

the set for my brother
These are the ten I made for my brother, though in reality they will be used by him, his wife, his daughter, and occasionally our dad.  I don't remember if I followed a tutorial for these the first time.  This time I just measured the ones I had and used those as a guide for size and which corners get the same vs different side of velcro.

I cut 12" squares of both a novelty fabric and PUL.  I deliberately did not make duplicates for either household, though there are some that we each got one.  This is based on my experience with the last group I made which had a lot made from the same fabric.  The problem is that when we make sandwiches for a hike or a picnic, each person in my family likes different stuff on their sandwich, so no two are the same.  So by having no duplicate fabrics, you can know that mine is the rainbows, yours is the turtles, etc.

***Updated to add: PUL is a waterproof fabric that is also food-safe.  Bernie provides a link to where she buys PUL in the comments; I bought mine at a local store that is now out of business.  I've washed my previous batch in the washer and dryer, but my brother hand-rinses and drips dry.  Both batches have lasted well; the velcro gives out before the PUL does. 
put your sandwich in the middle and fold in two corners...
The actual construction is really easy.  Pair a square of novelty fabric with a square of PUL right sides together, stitch all the way around leaving a gap to turn.  Turn right side out, poke corners as best you can, top stitch all the way around being sure to catch the opening.  Velcro on each corner--the second photo shows how to arrange them, and here is a two part series of how to wrap it up.

...then fold in the last two corners.  Sandwich is nice and secure.
I made a total of 19--10 for my brother, 9 for us. I did the velcro wrong on one of ours and still need to fix it, so only 8 for my house are pictured.  We use these a lot and I'm glad to have a new set.  I hope my brother likes his, too!


  1. What a lovely idea! What is PUL? I wish you and your family the loveliest Christmas.

  2. Clever idea for those who carry their lunches, Emily. You sure whipped those up quickly. Merry Christmas!

  3. Such an easy but practical gift! I may make a few just to have around, a good use of scraps. Need to get some PUL though, but it can be on the one daylist.

  4. These are a great idea, but I have 2 questions : 1) what is PUL? and 2) why on earth do you have University of Minnesota fabric?!? On Wisconsin!
    Great gift idea.

  5. These are great! I have made them before but made them as an actual bag (like a zip lock). This way looks wayyyy easier. I have some PUL left from last time so I will give it a try. Nice gift idea Emily. Merry Christmas Eve!! I bet your little guy is excited this morning!

  6. Brilliant!! I've never heard of PUL. (Thanks for the link, Bernie) I wish I had known about these while I was still working and taking sandwiches for lunch every day.

  7. What a great idea! I've never seen fabric sandwich bags before. A great way to reduce plastic bag usage.