Saturday, December 28, 2019

The 4th boat quilt

Back in October, I showed 3 quilts of sailboats, all from blocks sent by the Bee Inspired group or friends of the group who sent me blocks for children's charity quilts.  People were so generous that I had enough for 4 quilts.  When I posted, the fourth was not yet completed.  Here it is!

When I put the quilts together, I was one boat short.  It was during a time when I was very limited in sewing time and was trying to finish my Island Batik Octopus's Garden quilt.  So instead of piecing another boat, I traced a coloring book page for embroidery--just in time to take to a work conference!  A friend even caught a picture of me stitching during the keynote address. 

photo by K Melnik
We just got back from a 2-day trip to Charleston with my brother-in-law and mother-in-law.  We stayed a place on the water that had a marina, so this morning we took the quilt out to get some pictures with the boats.

The sashing is Kona Black and the quilting is the wave stitch on my sewing machine, meant to simulate the water.  Since my local Project Linus chapter shut down earlier this year, I will be taking these to a local children's hospital--one of the places our chapter donated to regularly.  I need to get in contact with someone there and find out how to drop off the quilts--I've got a bit of a pile building up!

And here's a rare whole-family shot!  It was a beautiful morning.  I'm glad I was able to take boat picture with the boats!  Thanks so much to all the folks who sent me sailboat blocks in the early part of 2019!


  1. So wonderful! I love the embroidery block in the middle and know this quilt will make someone very happy.

  2. Another great kid quilt, fun that you could do a photo shoot by the real boats.

  3. How fun that you were able to make four quilts from all the blocks! Your photo shoot at the marina was a perfect idea!

  4. Great boats. I used to quilt or knit at all my work conferences..At the end of the day if someone would notice the scarf...I would give it to them...Many a workshops, much handwork.