Monday, January 16, 2023

Stay at Home Round Robin 2023 - The Beginning

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Stay at Home Round Robin! What is a Stay at Home Round Robin, you ask?  It is the brilliant idea of Gail of Quilting Gail.  In the Before Times, guilds or other quilting groups might sponsor a round robin, where a quilter would make a center of a quilt and then pass it on to another participant, who would add a round then pass it on, etc, until the quilt was returned to the original center-maker.  When everything was in lockdown during Covid, Gail had the idea to do a round robin solo.  She invited some blogger friends, including me, and we each pick a quilting element that is the prompt for that round. 


Everyone is invited to sew along.  We'll pick a new thing to add to the quilt each Monday. The full schedule is below.  If you decide to sew along, there are sponsors and prizes this year!  Each week's post will have a linky party, and you'll get an entry to the prize drawing for each time you link up.  Link up for each week, get 7 entries.  Decide to only do 4 rounds?  That's still 4 entries!

This week, you choose your center.  The last two years, I've done my Stay at Home Round Robin (SAHRR) as a medallion-style quilt.  This year, I decided to do a row by row format.  The beauty of SAHRR is that it's your quilt!  Don't like a round?  Skip it!  There are no quilt police here, we promise! I was dreaming of a vacation and beaches, so I decided to channel that into my opening round. 

I bought the flamingo die for my Accuquilt last year (2021) during holiday sales and hadn't used it. This seamed like the perfect time.  I added some palm trees to reinforce the tropical, beachy look.


I am super pleased with my row and the flamingos.  Doesn't looking at it make you want to be on a beach in the sun?

All my fabrics are Island Batik scraps; I'm not using a particular collection this time.  I'm starting with a row that is 40" across (finished).  I did decide that I would add 1" sashing in between each row and I chose Island Batik's solid cobalt.

Be sure to check out each of the SAHRR hosts to see what they chose for their centers!  Then join us each Monday as we reveal the next round and show you how each of us interpret and incorporate it into our quilts. 

            Gail @ Quilting Gail
            Roseanne & Sue @ Home Sewn by Us
            Wendy @ Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life
            Chris @ Chrisknitssews
            Anja @ Anja Quilts

Have additional questions?  Gail may have covered them in her introductory post, or leave a comment here.  In closing, here are my completed SAHRR quilts from the past two years.

2022, Unnamed

2021, Ursa Major


  1. How fun! Love your flamingos! I will be interested to see your row by row come to be. I'm playing along this year, hopefully I can keep up.

  2. Interesting twist by doing rows, and this certainly makes one think of a beach!

  3. What a cool idea Emily - so pretty! I love the row by row idea.

  4. Your center block is fantastic! I love the idea of doing rows--might have to steal that one (if you don't mind!)

  5. Absolutely adorable starting point, Emily! It will be fun to see someone else grow a row-by-row this year, as that's how I did my first SAHRR experience in 2021. SEW much fun!

  6. There seems to be a bird theme going on this year but yours is definitely the cutest birds. Those flamingos are just fabulous!

  7. That is a fun way to start and do a row by row! You should be pleased with those birds...they are delightful.

  8. Clever idea, using a row by row! We are having rain and snow today, so I might need to come back often and spend time with those flamingos. Fun block!

  9. Oh my gosh, Emily! I love, love, LOVE your center block. Gosh, this is going to be so fun playing alongside of you. I can hardly wait to see where you take these beautiful beauties. Fabulous! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Love your block! I think I need that flamingo die too!

  11. I'll take one sunny beach to go, please! Great block!

  12. This is an interesting concept of rows. Can't wait to see how it plays out.