Monday, February 19, 2024

Round Robin #5: Four

We're nearing the end of the Stay At Home Round Robin!  This week it is founder & mastermind Gail of Quilting Gail's turn to pick, and she picked four.  Four what?  Four whatever you want!  Four blocks, four colors, four of a certain kind of unit, four-patch, whatever your heart desires that can incorporate the number four.  After last week's fourth round: here is what I had:


Now, what did I do with the prompt four?  Remember the block I made for Round 3, when I chose triangles for my prompt?   

For that round, I made four blocks.  For this round, I made four more.  Cheating?  I hope not!  This is supposed to be fun, after all! But, if you think this is perhaps bending the rules, I will point out that each block has four fabrics that are not the background, four HST units, and four triangle-in-a-square units.  Surely all of those add up to a passable prompt for four.


The reality is that I originally planned for this quilt to be more sampler-style, but I ended up making that large center with the first few rounds incorporated into it.  When I made that change, I really didn't like the outsides being too different; I wanted it to look more symmetrical.  So I decided to make four more so all four sides would match.

How will you use the prompt of four?  Link up with Gail, and remember that if you are behind, you can link up a previous round--all progress is progress!  Check out how each of the hosts incoperated four into their quilts for this round. Then come back next week to see the final prompt!

  • January 15th: SAHRR starts!  Link your Center Block with Gail of @ Quilting Gail
  • January 22nd: 1st Round: Signature Blocks * Wendy @ Pieceful Thoughts
  • January 29th: 2nd Round: Two Colors * Anja @ Anja Quilts
  • February 5th: 3rd Round: Triangles * Emily @ The Darling Dogwood (That's me!)
  • February 12th: 4th Round: Square in a Square or Set On Point * Brenda @ Songbird Designs
  • February 19th: : 5th Round: Four * Gail @ Quilting Gail 
  • February 26th: 6th Round:  Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing
  • March 18th: Parade: showing all of your finished SAHRRs!


  1. Great interpretation of the prompt! Your version is coming together so well.

  2. Nope, not cheating! Your quilt is gorgeous, Emily! I love the design. Whenever I see purple now, I think of you!

  3. Perfect solution - 4 anyway was the prompt and you fulfilled it. Love how gorgeous this quilt is becoming.

  4. Not at all cheating - very creative! So pretty!

  5. its lovely Emily, right on target

  6. Well, this quilt is just full of 4s. There is no cheating in an open-ended prompt.