Monday, February 26, 2024

Round Robin #6: Letters & Numbers

Welcome to the last prompt of this year's Stay at Home Round Robin!  This time it is Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing who tells us what to add, and she picked letters and numbers.  Before I go into my thought process and what I did, let's take a look at where I left off after last week's round.

When we first chose our rounds and prompts, this one stumped me.  I think I mentioned previously that my original plan for this year was to make a sampler quilt.  I knew I could incorporate every other prompt into a sampler block, but the letters and numbers threw me.  After a day or two of ruminating, I thought of X & O block.  Those are letters of the alphabet!  I got out my graph paper notebook and sketched an X block that I liked. (I never did design or sew an O block.)

Then when I switched to this half-medallion with a large sampler border, I kept the X blocks.  And by putting them in the corners, I got this cool chain effect going through the whole quilt on the diagonal!  I also really like this block, and may use it again in something.

I thought I got a picture of the whole top before I layered it for quilting, but I did not.  The weather was acting up at one point and I must have forgotten I never actually took the photos.  So here is the completed top layered on the batting and backing, but before quilting. It looks like I added an outer border, but I did not. That's the extra batting from the layering.

Are you sewing along?  Link up this week with Kathleen.  And you now have 3 weeks to complete your round robin quilts, then come back on March 18th and link up with Gail one final time.  Quilt tops and finished quilts are both accepted for that final round, so don't worry if you can't get it quilted and bound by then.  After everyone shows off their beauties, we'll do the prize drawings.  Remember, you get an entry for every week you've linked up.  If you want some inspiration for how to use letters and numbers, be sure to visit all the hosts!

  • January 15th: SAHRR starts!  Link your Center Block with Gail of @ Quilting Gail
  • January 22nd: 1st Round: Signature Blocks * Wendy @ Pieceful Thoughts
  • January 29th: 2nd Round: Two Colors * Anja @ Anja Quilts
  • February 5th: 3rd Round: Triangles * Emily @ The Darling Dogwood (That's me!)
  • February 12th: 4th Round: Square in a Square or Set On Point * Brenda @ Songbird Designs
  • February 19th: : 5th Round: Four * Gail @ Quilting Gail 
  • February 26th: 6th Round: Letters and Numbers * Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing
  • March 18th: Parade: showing all of your finished SAHRRs!


  1. Now that is way cool Emily. You've come up with a stunner. Thanks

  2. Xs and Os are perfect blocks for this round. I really love this block and it looks fabulous! Funny how I stumped even myself on this one.

  3. This is amazing. The first thing I saw was four swords pointing to the center - Now I think this whole quilt has a very very cool medieval vibe to it. Just love it. Bernie -

  4. What a great idea for your last border, and it ties in so well with the rest of the quilt!

  5. This is awesome, Emily! I love the Xs and Os blocks!! I really love how it turned out!

  6. Such a cohesive design, Emily! It does not look like you added one round at a time. Kudos to you!

  7. Those X blocks really complete the quilt and tie it all together. It really doesn't look like a sampler quilt.