Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June OMG

May was a productive month for me.  I had a few finish and significantly advanced several other projects.  June will be a different story.  My dad is here for a week, and my guest room and sewing space are one and the same, so that significantly impacts my sewing time.  My machine is scheduled for service, so that's another week of no sewing.  And we have 2 different trips planned for the month, one day trip and one long weekend.

So when it came time to set a June goal for Heidi's fantastic One Monthly Goal motivating linky, I knew I needed something realistic.  Last Friday, I played around and came up with this very simple top.

The spider print in the middle came from a "fill a scrap bag" table at a local guild's quilt show I attended in March.  I was mostly looking for scraps to add to my Scrap Dance Tango quilt, but of course I could not pass up any I Spy fabrics that I came across.  The bats were a sale fabric I found shortly after that, and I thought the two would pair well together.

I like to bind by hand when we travel in the car, so if I can get this quilted and the binding sewn on the first side, I should be home free.  My goal is to have a completed quilt for Porject Linus by the end of June.

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