Thursday, December 1, 2016

Farm Friends

I've been doing a little non-quilt sewing for small gifts, mostly in preparation for my niece's visit next week.  I had seen pictures online of Stacy Hsu's Farm Friends stuffed toys, so I went to my local quilt shop and bought a panel.  There are 4 animals in each panel: cow, pig, sheep, & chicken.  Each animal has a mama and 2 babies.  The mama has a pouch so the babies can settle in for a nap.

I asked my brother and sister-in-law which of those animals my niece likes best, without explaining why I was asking.  They said cow. So when Noodle is here, she can have a special friend. (When I talked to my brother on Thanksgiving, he said he was curious about that specific list of animals. I had asked about 2 weeks before.  I still wouldn't tell why.)

Of the three animals left, I asked Munchkin which he likes.  He said pig.  So when Noodle is here and gets her cow, I will give Munchkin the pig.

We have close friends who are expecting Baby 2 in the next few weeks and it is likely their son will stay with us while mom & dad are in the hospital.  So I asked my friend if her son likes chickens or sheep better, again giving no context.  She replied (via text) that he had petted a chicken, so I went with chicken.  I especially that he will get his mama with 2 babies as his mama is getting her second baby, so one chick can be him and one can be Baby Sister.

I'm not usually good with stuffed toys, but these were relatively easy since you basically just cut out on the dotted lines and follow directions.  I think they are cute and I hope the kids I made them for (mine turned 3 in October, the other two turn 3 in December) enjoy them.  I still have "Mama Baa" that I can make when the right recipient comes along.