Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hey Hey, I'm a Monkey!

As I finished this pillow, I couldn't stop singing the theme song from The Monkees.  And so a pillow is named!

The pattern is part of the Zoo Animals bundle from Kristy @ Quiet Play.  The Zoo Animals bundle includes 9 different animal blocks.  I have plans to make the giraffe and the koala in the near future; some of the others may come at a later date.

Her paper pieced pattern is for a 10" block; I enlarged it to a 16" block.  I added more of the background fabric to make it fit a 20" pillow. I think some of those pieces around the eyes would be awfully tiny in a 10" block!  My one disappointment with the pattern is that there was no instruction about adding the face.  The picture showed what I am guessing was embroidery, but there was no guideline or written direction.  I used embroidery, and I wished I used more strands to make the face show up better.

The fabrics are Kona cottons in Chocolate, Scone, & Seafoam, with Black & White used in the eyes.  I used a 20" pillow form from IKEA and the envelope pillow method from Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts.

Kangaroo is next, but I have a few projects I want to finish before I can hop to making that one.  Here is the Monkey with its friend Panda.

The monkey pillow was goal #6 on my list of Q4 goals in the globally hosted Finish Along.

2016 FAL


  1. These are really nice pillows, I love the panda especially! And thanks for the earworm!

  2. Lovely cushions, I love monkey, there again I really love panda, on the other hand giraffe did you say?

  3. So CUTE! Can't wait to see the Roo too!

  4. The monkey is so cute!!! And the panda too - well done!

  5. These are even cuter in person!