Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Piggie Pillow

My son has recently become interested in pigs.  He told us that Santa was going to bring him a Blueberry Piggie.  (Yeah, we had no idea what that means, either.)  I talked to Santa and knew he was bringing a stuffed animal pig with a blue bow around its neck, but I decided at the last minute to add a piggie to our pillow menagerie in addition.  So this guy was waiting on the couch Christmas morning.

Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts released a farm animal pattern recently, and just before Christmas she started putting single blocks from her patterns into her etsy shop.  Since I only wanted the pig, that was perfect for me.  I had the day to myself the Friday before Christmas and on a whim at lunch time I bought and downloaded the pattern and got fabrics from my stash.

And here's where the shenanigans began.  Because I decided to double the block size.  Except I just did a straight double and didn't think about how the seam allowance would now be out of wack until I was a fair way in.  But I was able to compensate and I don't think the proportions are too far off, though anything that looks off is the fault of me and not the pattern.  It's also now a really large pig face.  If I had it to do over, I would use the standard block, but oh well.

The fabrics in the pig are Kona Ballerina, Plum, Pepper, and Coal.  I had a pig print that worked nicely for the back; it is Barnyard Boogie by Blank Quilting.  I am now a pro at the envelope pillow method from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts and I didn't even need to pull up the directions.

So here is our current pillow family.  A kangaroo was supposed to be next, but the paper pieced pattern is much bigger than I realized, so I'm putting that on the back burner because I don't really want a pillow that big--that's why I got rid of the couch cushions and moved to the fun ones in the first place!


  1. Perfect little piggy! I sure your son was thrilled! What a great last minute finish for Santa!

  2. What a lovely surprise for your son - I am sure he was thrilled with his piggy pillow.

  3. Aww.....super cute and such fun pillows. Love the piggy and what perfect fabric that you used on the back.

  4. Did Santa get everything right???

    1. Well, Santa found a nice stuffed animal piggie and put a blue ribbon around his neck. Mom and Dad suggested we name this new friend Blueberry. Munchkin is pretty utilitarian in his names for his friends, so the piggie is Piggie. And the ribbon lasted less than half an hour. But Munchkin seemed happy and didn't say anything about Santa getting it wrong, so I'm guessing thumbs up for Santa.